"Against fatality, man has two weapons:
consciousness and liberty."
Victor Hugo

On Wealth and Poverty

The only cure for poverty is wealth.
When people complain about the oppressive poverty that
afflicts so many of the world's innocent people, you should ask them
what they are doing to increase the world's wealth. They may prefer to talk
about "fairness", or about how the government needs to redistribute something.
Or about "greed", while they ignore the moral difference between desiring to earn
wealth by producing it, and desiring wealth earned by another. You might point out
that needless destruction of wealth or potential wealth imposes needless poverty on
innocent people somewhere in the world. Explain that as long as America was still
guided by her founding principles, she was by far the greatest wealth producer
in history. The American people, first by establishing a political system that
honored the right of individuals to freely direct their own lives, and then
by the choices they made, did more to reduce human poverty and
suffering, and to increase human comfort and happiness
than any nation in the history of the world.

In order to exist, wealth must be produced.
Governments are necessary to deal with crime, but they
do not produce wealth. People do. When people are free to choose
what they make of their lives, they tend to choose productive behavior.
America was the proof. But when earnings are claimed and redistributed
by an immoral government, people find themselves choosing between
being producers of wealth that can be taken from them by political
force, or becoming takers of wealth they have not earned.
Far too many then choose to become takers.
America is also proof of that.